Often overlooked, ceramides make up most of skin’s barrier function, together with cholesterol and free fatty acids. Naturally present in the epidermis, ceramides are lipids with an amazing capacity to limit moisture loss and protect against damage from environmental stressors.


The building blocks of proteins, amino acids, are essential for almost all of the skin’s functions. There is no way skin can function without them. They help hydrate, repair, provide antioxidant protection, boost UV protection and smooth out texture.


Whether in foods, supplements or skincare, antioxidants pack a powerful punch; yet they are also the most unstable molecules, as anything – from light, to oxygen and water – can deactivate them!


A life saviour, it fends off the common cold, as well as illuminating and toning the complexion with additional antioxidant benefits. Less commonly known, it is also the most important vitamin involved in the synthesis of collagen; so when thinking vitamin C don’t think immediate radiance alone, think also long term firmness.


This is vitamin B3, while niacinamide (can also be written nicotinic acid) may not be the skincare ingredient everyone is buzzing about, it is most definitely a worthy skin-healer offering multiple benefits, particularly for skin suffering from visible signs of inflammation, rosacea and blemishes/seborrheic states


The new buzz-ingredient family in skincare is one of the oldest families in healthy foods – good bacteria! In a world where one’s health is so precarious, the defensive role of our microbiome, both internally and externally, seems to affirm that beauty can only come from good health.