The major building block in human skin, collagen is also the core protein that holds the entire body together. For this reason, it is a serious focus for us! The skin’s resilience, density and uniformity of surface all depend on it.


Naturally a key constituent in human skin, hyaluronic acid will undoubtedly remain one of the industry’s “it” ingredients (for once, only for the best reasons!). We use it in various formulas in the form of sodium hyaluronate for its restorative abilities to boost the skin’s moisture content


At Swissline, we have always been intrigued by peptides! They can be lab-built, structural blocks identical to various forms of the skin’s own proteins. This gives them skin-restorative capacities, not only as contributors to tissue density but also as “messengers” allowing the sending of signals between cells, to facilitate – or oppose! – specific metabolic paths


In skincare, SOD can be used as a key anti-aging ingredient because of its rocket-action in reducing and repairing free radical damage (we call it “the cell’s own” antioxidant!), thereby fighting fine lines and age spots.