Skinscare: well-aging with our CEO, Christophe Lesueur

Skin health is health! As the body's largest organ, the key to well-aging means embracing not only the skin, but lifestyle factors such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, etc to feel and look our absolute best. We recently sat down with Swissline's CEO Christophe Lesueur to talk about the importance of partnering with skincare experts and doctors to share helpful well-aging content with our audience.

This year Swissline is looking beyond the skin to educate our audience on well-aging topics. What was the inspiration for this?

As a company, we've always created products that embrace the skin with science and care. We use effective formulas that are both preventative and restorative. We believe that skin, as an organ, should be treated as a whole, looking at the causes of aging and not only at treating the mere symptoms. All of our environment has an effect on our skin and creates inflammation.

So by sharing well aging content we can look at the bigger picture: how we sleep, how we exercise, how we eat, they're all are linked. Ultimately, skincare equals health. 

Cell Shock

Swissline's Cell Shock collection 


What well aging and wellness topics are most important to you in your daily life?

In addition to relatively healthy nutrition (I say relatively as I have a passion for wine), I believe that exercise plays a major component in a happy and healthy life. It helps to release pressure and to set goals. In Switzerland, we are blessed by marvelous nature and I am, with my family, enjoying it a lot. Heading to a hike in the mountains, a swim in a lake, a ride in the forests - all of this helps to focus on the essentials: happiness and health.

Why is it such a natural fit for Swissline to partner with doctors and skincare experts to create valuable content?

Swissline has been working in Switzerland with a strong network of R&D laboratories for over 30 years, we are a company rooted in biotechnology and innovation. Doctors and skincare experts are part of our daily professional life and we exchange with them and get inspired by them. We believe our role as a brand is not only to create effective products but also to contribute to the education of our followers.

Our philosophy is never to judge people or tell them what to do but widen their perspectives, always by conveying relevant content delivered by trustworthy professionals.


Swissline's CEO, Christophe Lesueur


As a luxury skincare brand, how is Swissline approaching the topic of well-aging as opposed to 'anti-aging'?

Luxury brands are often limiting themselves into only communicating about their own product creation and their own inspiration. These topics can be beautiful of course, but this is in a way a very selfish exercise, only centered on the brand and not the consumer. One shouldn't say you can't celebrate our own successes, but at Swissline, we believe that we should illuminate relevant subjects which are not only product-related but subjects that widen health perspectives and inspire us to age gracefully.

For us, well aging content is a perfect opportunity to look at larger health and how to live and look your best. We believe that skincare should work with the skin, respecting its innate self-recovery potential, and will in the future continue to develop well-aging content.


We recently collaborated with world-renowned sleep expert, Dr. Breus. What was the most surprising thing you learned about the connection between sleep and the skin?

In general, I'm very interested in how sleep is regulated by our circadian rhythms which drive hormones and physiological changes. Especially as we have able to build on this idea of circadian rhythm when creating our recent product, The Swiss Cure. It addresses the role of melatonin as a new path to fight the signs of aging and we were pleased to know that Dr. Breus was highly impressed by the science and formulation.


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