Swiss Virtual Surgery - 75 min

Swiss Virtual Surgery - 75 min
Swiss Virtual Surgery - 75 min
Swiss Virtual Surgery - 75 min
Swiss Virtual Surgery - 75 min

Swiss Virtual Surgery - 75 min


Revolving around the brand’s signature Virtual Mask, this treatment boosts skin cell regeneration and cell turnover.

This professional-only see-through mask has a 100% affinity with the skin surface and adheres to the skin like a second-skin. It promotes a slightly “stretching” sensation and gives an immediate lifting effect, measurably sculpting the face contour while smoothing away lines and wrinkles.

A must-do before and/or after any aesthetic procedures or use of professional devices – lasers, abrasions, fillers.

This facial treatment is designed for people with mature skin or those keen to start implementing well-aging solutions.

  • Repair, recovery, global youth
  • Minimize appearance of wrinkles
  • Boost cell regeneration
Swiss Virtual Surgery - 75 min - $0.00 USD


A naturally occurring polysaccharide, acts as a “molecular sponge” trapping and holding water. Vehiculisation technology that reduces and homogenizes the particles of hyaluronic acid up to 1µm to enhance penetration. When in contact with intercellular moisture these swell and fill the existing fine lines.

Made of 100% cotton lint fibers (fibers that surround the cotton seeds) and not of common cotton fiber.

This powerful de-aging peptide contributes to boosting collagen synthesis and visible reduces existing wrinkles for a “virtual surgery” effect. Improves density and resilience and can have cumulative effects when used regularly.

Two mushroom extracts that offer medical-grade anti-oxidant power to immediately block free radical cascades and counteract inflammatory chain reactions. Cellular recovery can then be maximised thanks to the Age Intelligence ingredients while skin is intensively “rescued”.

Mega infusion of trace elements that accelerates skin metabolism and energizes.

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