Synergetic alliance with clinic Lémanic

Clinic Lémanic, one of Switzerland’s top private clinics, is a leader in the domain of dermatology, anti-aging, aesthetic medicine, laser treatment, plastic surgery and regenerative medicine.

Its innovative approach and the quality of results seen in its patients, have resulted in Clinic Lémanic winning a variety of awards from its peers, including the Crystal Trophy in recognition of the Best Aesthetic Clinic in Europe, and the prestigious IIPP "Merit for Development of Technology in Aesthetic Medicine" prize, awarded at the UNESCO in Paris.

Going forward, combining Swiss line’s award-winning innovative products and Clinic Lémanic’s best-practice aesthetic treatments will offer clients an unparalleled luxurious state-of-the-art age preventive experience.

Clinic Lémanic’s beauty treatments are now carried out exclusively using Swiss line products to ensure the best results possible. And clients also benefit from being able to prolong the efficacy of their treatments by buying the appropriate Swiss line product for this purpose on site.

Combining both teams of experts in the greenlighting of new product development, ensures Swiss line’s skincare offering is positioned ahead of the market. 

“Developed to help improve the skin from a deep perspective, Swiss line products are a natural choice for Clinic Lémanic’s results-orientated approach, thus enriching the overall Clinic Lémanic experience,” announced clinic co-founder, Dr Véronique Emmenegger.

“We are proud to develop this collaboration with Clinic Lémanic, introducing our products in their treatments and retail area, and developing projects with their skin and anti-aging experts” added Swiss line President, Christophe Lesueur. 

About Clinic Lémanic


Since its founding in 1998, Clinic Lémanic has become a major center of reference in the field of aesthetic, regenerative, preventive and anti-aging practices, both nationally and internationally. In order to offer its demanding clientele the best treatments possible, Clinic Lémanic is always searching for leading-edge medical solutions that can be developed into innovative, tailor-made and top of the range solutions.



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