Swissline wins UK's beauty bible 2022 award

Swissline is thrilled to have won the “Eye Treatment – Serum” Bronze Award in the Beauty Bible Awards 2022 for our Cell Shock 360° Anti-Wrinkle Eye Zone Serum.

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Sarah Stacey & Jo Fairley, Joint Editors Beauty Bible, raved about the eye serum:

“Treating all the beauty woes around our eyes - such as fine lines, crepiness, dark circles and puffiness - is notoriously hard but this luxe product really rose to the occasion, as our diligent and discerning Beauty Bible testers discovered when they trialed it over a period of weeks, sometimes longer. Refreshing and brightening the eye area has a huge effect on general appearance, as this serum demonstrated to the panel.

‘A miracle worker for under eyes – the best eye product I have ever used,’ one tester wrote.

Gliding on without pulling or dragging the delicate skin around the eyes, this silky nectar promises to target wrinkles, also dark circles and the appearance of fatigue and stress.

‘My eye area definitely looks about five years younger,’ reported a delighted tester who, like all the 10 completely independent panel members, trialled it on one eye in order to compare it with the other untreated eye.

Benefits noted by the panel included fine lines softened, bumpy texture and crêpiness smoother, dark shadows lightened and puffiness quelled.

‘I’m 52 and a bad sleeper so I have puffiness, lines and wrinkles, crêpey eye zone, and dark circles, also my eyes are sensitive,’ wrote one tester. ‘After 28 days I saw a reduction in all these and a lot of people have noticed my eyes look better.'

Our testers were very impressed overall, not least because of the compliments they received about the improvements that friends, family, colleagues and yes, partners noticed around the eye area. Worth adding that when Sarah trialled this some time ago, she too became a fan. The only snag is the investment price but if your budget can stretch to this, your eyes will reap the rewards.

So we're sending many congratulations to Swissline for a fabulous product and a very well-deserved Beauty Bible Award.”

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