Superoxide dismutase

SOD (superoxide dismutase) is an enzyme naturally found in many organs, including the skin. As we age, the levels in the body are depleted, so applying SOD topically can counteract this loss.

In skincare, SOD can be used as a key anti-aging ingredient because of its rocket-action in reducing and repairing free radical damage (we call it “the cell’s own” antioxidant!), thereby fighting fine lines and age spots.

As it is the case for so many other skin-identical ingredients, Swissline formulations use SOD obtained from natural yeast or from the fermentation of plant-based raw materials.

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At Swissline, we believe in the endless self-recovery potential human skin has, and because of this we also believe that intelligent skincare should work with skin, never by-passing it. Explore our pyramid of skincare ingredients, offering you a clear and deep understanding of what makes sense in skincare.


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