Retinol is THE star ingredient in the fight against the signs of aging skin. Of all signs, actually. It boosts collagen production and speeds cellular turnover, resulting in firmer, smoother, brighter more youthful-looking skin with smaller pores and more even pigmentation.

For us at Swissline, retinol is more about the slow release than the use of the highest concentration allowed. For this reason, we use micro sponges infused with retinol – and not the free forms of retinol – so to allow the natural water flow in-between epidermal cells to do the rest of the work . While moisture trespasses these sponges, fractions of retinol are released and activated little by little!

When it comes to retinol we are old-school and advocate its use only in the PM with the use of a high SPF during the day. Well… for that matter we advocate the use of SPF every day, even without the use of retinol.

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At Swissline, we believe in the endless self-recovery potential human skin has, and because of this we also believe that intelligent skincare should work with skin, never by-passing it. Explore our pyramid of skincare ingredients, offering you a clear and deep understanding of what makes sense in skincare.


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