Meet the new age intelligence cleanser duo

Forget about what you may associate with clean beauty. At Swissline, we have a simple, more modern, and more playful take. For us, clean skin is the gateway to our version of “clean beauty”! If your skin is properly cleansed then it is obviously clean and when you have no dirt, dead skin cells or oil on your skin, the skincare actives in the follow-on anti-ageing skincare products can be fully absorbed into the
skin - not just sit on the skin – so a natural radiance and a younger, healthier looking appearance will emerge… a “clean beauty.”

As we know, during the day, dirt, excess oil and makeup accumulate on your skin, not to mention bacteria and pollutants. In the evening when we sleep, dead skin cells and excess sebum accumulate on the skin. With all this in mind, cleansing in the morning and in the evening is the way to go, as that removes the nasty build-up.

Swissline’s two newest products, Skin-Friendly Cleanser and Anti-Oxidant Water will cleanse, prime and prep your skin so it’s ready to maximise the beautifying effect of your follow-on serums and creams.


This incredible cleanser swipes away dirt, oil, bacteria and pollutants, while also reducing redness, maintaining the skin’s natural balance, and ensuring it is perfectly soft and supple. With no soap and no alkaline pH to cause irritation, Skin Friendly Cleanser truly respects the skin’s biology.

It is formulated with a trio of moisturizing agents to hydrate, calm and soothe the skin; amino acids to help strengthen the skin; and lactic acid to balance the skin’s microbiome and make the skin soft to the touch. It goes on like a classic milk emulsion cleanser, but surprisingly, is textured like a gel.


Not just a toner, but an anti-aging advocate! This second step in your cleansing regimen also builds skin resilience and promotes health! The alcohol-free, oil-free product is formulated using two skin-identical antioxidants - SOD & Glutathione - together with a handful of hydrators and barrier promoting ingredients that respect all skin conditions, including sensitive ones.

Cleansing, hydrating, fending off oxidants and restoring the skin barrier – what more could you ask for?

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