The major building block in human skin, collagen is also the core protein that holds the entire body together. For this reason, it is a serious focus for us! The skin’s resilience, density and uniformity of surface all depend on it.

As a skincare ingredient, collagen is never vegan*. There is no such as thing as “plant-collagen”. But, this is far from saying there are no cruelty-free sources of collagen, as it can always be obtained from food by-products, namely from non-edible fish cartilage.

At Swissline, we strive to formulate cruelty-free products while also caring for human skin and fully respecting its true biology. Therefore, we include collagen in several formulations for the remarkable skin benefits it can bring. We also include collagen boosting peptides and mimetic growth-factors, proven to increase the skin’s own collagen production. None of these are animal based.

If you are serious about tackling the visible signs of aging, collagen has to be an essential part of your game.

* if you are looking for alternatives to collagen-containing products, the formulas in our Age IntelligenceForce Vitale and Water Shock collections do not contain collagen.

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At Swissline, we believe in the endless self-recovery potential human skin has, and because of this we also believe that intelligent skincare should work with skin, never by-passing it. Explore our pyramid of skincare ingredients, offering you a clear and deep understanding of what makes sense in skincare.


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