Founded in 1998 in the picturesque Swiss city of Lausanne, Clinic Lémanic is a reputed medical centre at the forefront of innovation and a globally recognised leader in the fields of aesthetic dermatology and anti-ageing medicine.

As the recipient of numerous prestigious accolades, it attracts a discerning international clientele who seeks only the highest standards of care and comfort.

The clinic boasts a team of multidisciplinary experts who specialise in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine as well as preventive and regenerative medicine. This esteemed team provides patients with cutting-edge solutions that deliver remarkable results by leveraging its extensive knowledge and experience in combination with the latest technology.

The health, well-being and beauty of patients has always been, and will continue to be, the driving force behind Clinic Lémanic’s endeavours. As such, the clinic is continuously searching for new ways through which it can provide even better results. To this end, it has partnered with Swissline to develop a featured range of products, which represents the pinnacle of anti-ageing skincare.

Clinic Lémanic’s beauty treatments are carried out exclusively using Swissline products to ensure the best results possible.


Clinic Lémanic
Avenue de la Gare 2
1003 Lausanne

  • +41 21 321 54 44
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